Urologic Survey

Re: Antibiotic Treatment Versus No Treatment for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Multicenter Randomized Trial


  • Yarkın Kamil Yakupoğlu

J Urol Surg 2019;6(4):350-350


The aim of this prospective, multicenter, and randomized controlled study was to test the effect of no treatment for asymptomatic bacteriuria in kidney transplant recipients vs. antibiotic treatment in the prevention of acute graft pyelonephritis during the first year posttransplantation and after urinary catheters were removed. 205 kidney transplant recipients were enrolled in the study and underwent randomization. Of these participants, 102 were assigned to the antibiotic treatment group and 103 were assigned to the no treatment group. The authors found no difference in the risk of graft pyelonephritis or transplant outcomes, with a suggestion of increased bacterial resistance in the treated arm. However, these results must be taken into consideration with caution since the sample size is too small and these results should be confirmed by further studies.