Urologic Survey

Re: Five Things I Wish I Would Have Known Earlier in My Career: Lessons Learned in Peyronie’s Disease Surgery


  • Emre Bakırcıoğlu

J Urol Surg 2019;6(1):83-83


In this invited commentary, World’s famous expert in Peyronie’s disease (PD) surgery, Tom Lue et al. shared their decades of experiences on use of saphenous vein for plaque incision and grafting, management of large calcified or ossified plaques, circumcising vs longitudinal incisions, management of hourglass deformity and circumferential narrowing, and management of residual curvature after penile prosthesis implantation. The authors suggest no treatment in patients for whom penile deformity poses no or minimal bother. They stated that surgery was indicated for large ossified plaques, severe hourglass deformities or indentations with marked hinging, curvatures greater than 90°, and failure of collagenase. They recommended collagenase injections as a safe and effective first-line therapy for bothersome PD.