Urologic Survey

Re: Life Quality Change After Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Implantation


  • Emre Bakırcıoğlu

J Urol Surg 2018;5(3):218-218

In this study, the authors investigated whether inflatable penile prosthesis implantation alters the quality of life in patients who suffered erectile dysfunction (ED). Forty-one patients who underwent penile prosthesis implantation were evaluated. The mean age of the patients was 59.9 years. A 2-piece prosthesis was implanted in 30 patients and a 3-piece prosthesis in 11. The Turkish version of the 36-Item Short Form Health Survey was used to evaluate the quality of life of the patients before and 1 year after the surgery. ED patients were classified according to the ED etiology (diabetic, cardiovascular and pelvic surgery) and the type of prosthesis implanted. In all the groups, a significant improvement was observed in quality of life after surgery and the most prominent improvement was observed in diabetic patients.

It is the first study in the literature to evaluate the changes in quality of life of patients with ED after penile prosthesis implantation.

Emre Bakırcıoğlu, MD