Urologic Survey

Re: Male Infertility: A Biomarker of Individual and Familial Cancer Risk


  • Emre Bakırcıoğlu

J Urol Surg 2018;5(1):54-54

Association between infertility and cancer is gaining importance. In this review article, relationships between male factor infertility and cancer are focused in the light of the recent literature. Developing testicular cancer and high grade prostate cancer risk in infertile men appear to be at least double compared to the general population. It has been demonstrated that male infertility can be a biomarker for cancer risk in first- and second-degree relatives. Moreover, testicular cancer risk in the first-degree relatives of infertile men is higher than in fertile controls. Male infertility has been shown to be associated with a two- to threefold elevation in the risk of childhood cancer in the siblings of infertile men. Extensive studies investigating the underlying genetic, epigenetic, environmental and hormonal mechanisms of the relationship between male infertility and cancer development will provide comprehensive counseling for infertile men and their families.