Urologic Survey (Endourology)

Re: Renal and Adrenal Minilaparoscopy: A Prospective Multicentric Study


  • Ozan Bozkurt

J Urol Surg 2016;3(4):151-151


The authors evaluated the role of minilaparoscopy (ML) in renal and adrenal surgery in 6 laparoscopic surgical centers by collecting data with a common database in a prospective manner. One-hundred ten patients (73 males and 37 females) were included during the study period consisting of 59 nephrectomy (40 radical nephrectomy, 12 simple nephrectomy, 7 living donor nephrectomy), 20 partial nephrectomy, 9 nephroureterectomy, 13 pyeloplasty, 3 pyelolithotomy, and 6 adrenalectomy. Standard approach was defined as 3 to 4 3-mm trocars with a 3-mm laparoscope and 3-mm instruments. Overall mean operative time was 180±64 minutes, with estimated blood loss of 120±50 mL. Eleven cases required an additional 5-10 mm port, one case of conversion to 5-mm trocars and a single case conversion to open surgery. Intraoperative complication rate was 5.4% (n=6) and postoperative complication rate was 28% (n=31) which are similar to standard laparoscopy series. With regard to the Clavien-Dindo classification, 71% was grade 1, 6% - grade 2, 20% - grade 3 and a single case was grade 4. No mortality was reported. Average hospitalization time was 5±2.2 days and transfusion rate was 5.4%. Considering the role of ML in most urological surgical procedures, the present study provides valuable data for the feasibility and reproducibility of this evolving technique. Further prospective randomized studies will better help for standardization of this technique for everyday clinical practice.