Urologic Survey (Andrology)

Re: Testosteron Supplementation Versus Clomifen Citrate for Hypogonadism: An age Matched Comparison of Satisfaction and Efficacy

  • Ranjith Ramasamy
  • Jason M. Scovell
  • Jason R. Kovac
  • Larry I. Lipshultz

J Urol Surg 2014;1(1):48-48

EDITORIAL COMMENT Idiopatic age related hypogonadism is a current health epidemic and affects approximately 40% of men over 45 years old. Most patients are treated with testosterone injections or gels for symptomatic hypogonadism. Testosterone injections (testosterone cypionate) have been used for many years but it generates very high serum testosterone level in early administration and then goes below normal range. This fluctuation of serum testosterone level may also affect the satisfaction of the patient. Authors investigated retrospectively the satisfaction and treatment efficacy in men with symptomatic hypogonadism (total testosterone less than 300 ng/dl) who treated with clomiphene citrate (CC), testosterone injections or gels. The satisfaction from the treatment was measured using qADAM questionnaire. They concluded that all regiments are affective for improving serum testosterone level. Although serum testosterone level lower in men treated with CC and testosterone gel the satisfaction was similar to men treated with testosterone injections. This study provides reassurance that testosterone level above normal range does not increase satisfaction and CC is an affordable alternative to other testosterone supplements. Emre Bakircioglu MD