Urologic Survey (Functional Urology)

Re: The Functional Effects of Cigarette Smoking in Women on the Lower Urinary Tract


  • Ilker Sen

J Urol Surg 2016;3(1):32-32

EDITORIAL COMMENT Smoking is one of the major lifestyle risk factors affecting health. The role of smoking in triggering cancer in the lower urinary tract (LUT) is known, but its role in the pathogenesis of urinary incontinence needs to be investigated. In this study, the authors aimed to evaluate the urodynamic findings in female smokers with LUT symptoms. From a cohort of 11.678 women, who underwent urodynamic studies, 2.476 (21.2%) reported to be a smoker. The mean age of the smokers and the non-smokers was 47 and 53.5, respectively (p