2017 4 March (3) 1
Journal of Urological Surgery

Original Research (Functional Urology)

Design and Validation of the Marmara Post-prostatectomy Incontinence Symptom Score

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 1-7)

Original Research (Pediatric Urology)

Utility of Voiding Dysfunction Symptom Score in Diagnosis and Treatment of Enuresis Nocturna

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 8-12)

Original Research (Transplantation and Vascular Surgery)

Knowledge Attitude and Behavior in the Domain of Organ Transplantation Among Healthcare Professionals Working in a Tertiary Care Hospital and Patients Admitted to the Urology Clinic

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 13-17)

Original Research (General Urology)

Results of Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay to Identify Urethritis Pathogens

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 18-22)

Case Report (Reconstructive Urology)

Management of Rectourethral Fistula following a Gunshot Injury with Gracilis Flap: A Case Report

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 23-25)

Case Report (Urooncology)

Paratesticular Metastasis of High Grade Prostate Cancer Clinically Mimicking Hemato/Pyo-hydrocele

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 26-28)

Case Report (Reconstructive Urology)

Spontaneous Vesicouterine Fistula: A Case Report

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 29-31)

Case Report (General Urology)

A Rare Urologic Emergency of Penile Strangulation with a Metallic Ring

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 32-34)

Urologic Survey

Re: Duration of Urination does not Change with Body Size

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 35-35)

Re: The Search for Human Pheromones: The Lost Decades and the Necessity of Returning to First Principles

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 36-36)

Re: Should Asymptomatic Bacteriuria be Systematically Treated in Kidney Transplant Recipients? Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 37-37)

Re: Does Pre-emptive Transplantation versus Post Start of Dialysis Transplantation with a Kidney from a Living Donor Improve Outcomes After Transplantation? A Systematic Literature Review and Position Statement by the Descartes Working Group and ERBP

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 38-38)

Re: Predictive Factors for Sperm Recovery After Varicocelectomy in Men with Nonobstructive Azoospermia

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 39-39)

Re: Undergoing Varicocele Repair Before Assisted Reproduction Improves Pregnancy Rate and Live Birth Rate in Azoospermic and Oligospermic Men with a Varicocele: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 40-40)

Re: Prognostic Significance of Digital Rectal Examination and Prostate Specific Antigen in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Arm

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 41-41)

Re: Urinary Retention in Female OAB After Intravesical Botox Injection: Who is Really at Risk?

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 42-42)

Re: Nocturia Improvement with Surgical Correction of Sleep Apnea

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 43-43)

Re: MRI Evaluation of Complex Renal Cysts Using the Bosniak Classification: A Comparison to CT

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 44-44)

Pathology Page

Multilocular Cystic Renal Neoplasm of Low Malignant Potential: Alterations in the 2016 Renal Tumor Classification of World Health Organization

(J Urol Surg 2017; 4: 45-47)
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